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Why the refrigerant in air conditioner is so important

Why refrigerant in air conditioner is so important?

With the continuous development of science and technology, air conditioners have become one of the essential electrical appliances in our family life. It can create a comfortable indoor environment to enjoy a cool feeling in the hot summer.

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So, how does the air conditioner achieve cooling?

1. The refrigeration principle of the air conditioner

The refrigeration principle of the air conditioner is realized by utilizing the physical characteristics of the refrigerant. The physical characteristics of refrigerants are that they evaporate at low temperatures and absorb heat; they condense at high temperatures and release heat. Therefore, in the refrigeration cycle of the air conditioner, the refrigerant will circulate to complete the process of evaporation and condensation to achieve the purpose of refrigeration.

The refrigeration cycle of an air conditioner mainly includes four parts: compressor, condenser, expansion valve, and evaporator. First, the refrigerant absorbs the heat in the room from the evaporator and becomes a gas. Then, after being compressed by the compressor, the temperature and pressure of the refrigerant will increase. Then, the refrigerant enters the condenser, dissipates heat through the radiator, and releases the heat to the outside. , The refrigerant passes through the expansion valve, reduces the pressure, becomes a low-temperature and low-pressure liquid, enters the evaporator, absorbs indoor heat, and repeatedly circulates to continuously achieve the refrigeration effect.

2. The role of refrigerant in air conditioner

The refrigerant in air conditioners plays an important role in the refrigeration cycle. It can evaporate at low temperatures, absorb heat, and then condense at high temperatures, releasing heat. This physical property makes refrigerants the key to air-conditioning refrigeration. Commonly used refrigerants mainly include R22, R32, R410, etc. R22 is a fluorophore compound, but it has been eliminated due to its destructive effect on the ozone layer. R32 is a new type of refrigerant with high efficiency and environmental performance and is widely used in air-conditioning refrigeration. R410 is a very environmentally friendly refrigerant. It will not cause damage to the ozone layer but also has a high cooling efficiency.

In addition to the refrigerant choice, the amount of refrigerant charge is also very important. Too much or too little charge will affect the cooling effect of the air conditioner. Therefore, we must consider whether the refrigerant charge is reasonable when using the air conditioner.

The refrigeration principle of air conditioners and the role of refrigerants are the knowledge we must understand when using air conditioners. By understanding what they do and how they work, we can better use our air conditioners and, at the same time, better protect the environment. In future development, we believe there will be more efficient and environmentally friendly refrigerants, bringing more convenience and comfort to our lives.

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