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Sale for R134a Refrigerant 30lb

R134a refrigerant 30lb, also known as R134a 13.6kg, is generally divided into refillable and disposable steel cylinders. According to the brand, it can be divided into the buyer’s own brand and neutral packaging.

R134a Refrigerant 30LB Neutral Packaging - Starget

R134a is mainly used as a refrigerant in small refrigerators and car air conditioners. Since the 1990s, it began to replace R-12, which is more harmful to the environment, and the original R-12 refrigeration equipment can be used for 1,1,1,2-tetrafluoroethane after modification.

In addition, it can also be used as a blowing agent for foam plastics, a cleaning agent, a drug (such as a bronchodilator) propellant, a wine corkscrew, a dust collector, and dehumidification of compressed air, etc. It is also sometimes used to cool overclocked computers. It is also the propellant commonly used in airsoft guns in survival games.

R134a Refrigerant 30lb Sale and Precautions

R134a refrigerant 30lb sales are divided into retail and wholesale (or bulk purchase) by order quantity. For refrigerant retail, there is no limit to the sales quantity. It is recommended that customers buy directly from local retailers or from local sales platforms, such as Amazon, eBay, Aliexpress, etc., which are less affected by shipping costs. However, in the case of international wholesale procurement of refrigerants, there is a minimum sales quantity due to international sea freight.

The minimum sales quantity for packaging like R134a refrigerant 30lb is generally 100-300pcs. In contrast, for Africa, where the sea line is relatively far away, the minimum sales quantity is 500pcs or 1150pcs (a 20-foot container); otherwise, the sea freight is inappropriate, and the overall cost will be more expensive. Of course, for different refrigerants or relatively close shipping lines, the sales quantity can start at 100pcs, and you can contact the refrigerant supplier or manufacturer to confirm the minimum sales quantity.

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