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R410A Refrigerant

R410A Refrigerant is a new type of environmentally friendly refrigerant that does not destroy the ozone layer. When cooling or heating, the working pressure is about 1.6 times that of ordinary R22 air conditioners, and the cooling (warming) efficiency is higher. Improve air conditioning performance without destroying the ozone layer. 

R410A new refrigerant is composed of two quasi-azeotropic mixtures, mainly hydrogen, fluorine, and carbon elements (expressed as HFC), and has the characteristics of stability, non-toxicity, and superior performance.

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R410A Refrigerant Use

R410A Refrigerant, as a medium and low-temperature refrigerant, is mainly used in household air conditioners, small and medium commercial air conditioners (small and medium unit air conditioners, household central air conditioners, multi-line), mobile air conditioners, dehumidifiers, refrigerated dryers, Marine refrigeration equipment, industrial refrigeration, and other refrigeration equipment.

Oil Reference

Refrigeration oils usually used with R410A Refrigerant include EMKARATE RL68H, RL170H, ICEMATIC SW68, SW220, etc.; what kind of refrigeration oil is finally used in different equipment and different application places should follow the regulations of refrigeration compressors and refrigeration (air conditioning) equipment manufacturers Suggest or determine the use of refrigerator lubricating oil with the same design and technical requirements according to the specific conditions of the refrigeration compressor and refrigeration equipment, that is, choose the equivalent refrigeration oil. Most compressor manufacturers recommend using polyol ester POE (Polyol Ester) refrigeration oil.

410A Refrigerant Features

R410A refrigerant is a mixture of R32 (difluoromethane) and R125 (pentafluoroethane). Its advantage is that it can be used for various properties, such as flammability. A refrigerant is tailor-made, Considering capacity, discharge temperature, and efficiency. 410A Refrigerant is the colorless, not turbid, and volatile, boiling point of -51.6°C freezing point of -155°C; its main features are:

  • Does not destroy the ozone layer. Its molecular formula does not contain chlorine, so its ozone depletion potential (ODP) is 0. The global warming potential (GWP) is 2100, 1725 times that of carbon dioxide, similar to R-22.
  • Very low toxicity. The allowable concentration is the same as R22, which is 1000ppm.
  • Non-flammable. The flammability polarity in the air is 0.
  • High chemical and thermal stability.
  • Water solubility is almost the same as R22.
  • It is a mixed refrigerant consisting of two refrigerants.
  • Not compatible with mineral oil or alkylbenzene oil. (Compatible with POE [ester lubricating oil] and PVE [ether lubricating oil]).

410A Refrigerant Parameter

Molecular formula –
The molecular formula 72.58
Boiling point (101.3KPa, ℃) -51.6
Freezing temperature (℃) –
Critical pressure (KPa) 4950
Liquid density 24℃ (g/cm3) –
GWP 2000
Purity  ≧99.8%
Moisture  ≦0.001%
Acidity           ≦0.00001%
ASHRAE security level A1

410A Refrigerant Packaging

Can –
Disposable cylinder 11.3KG
Refillable cylinder 400L/800L/926L/1000L
Tank 18T

Storage and Transportation

R410A Refrigerant steel cylinders are pressurized containers, and should be kept away from fire, heat sources, and direct sunlight during storage. They are usually stored in a cool, dry, and ventilated warehouse; they should be lightly loaded and unloaded during transportation to prevent damage to steel cylinders, valves, and other accessories.

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