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R404A refrigerant is formulated to closely match the properties of Refrigerant R502, making it useful for a variety of medium and low-temperature refrigeration applications.

R404A has been approved by many refrigeration compressor and system manufacturers for use in new refrigeration equipment such as food display and storage cases, cold storage rooms, ice machines, transportation, and process refrigeration. 

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R404A Properties

 Molecular formula –
 Molecular weight 97.6
 Boiling point (101.3KPa, ℃) -46.6
 Freezing temperature (℃) 72.1
 Critical pressure (KPa) 3688.7
 Liquid density 30℃ (g/cm3) 1.017
 GWP 3800
 Purity                                              ≥99.90%
 Moisture ≤0.001%
 Acidity ≤0.00001%
 ASHRAE security level A1

The Main Use

R404A refrigerant is a more common industrial standard refrigerant (usually a low-temperature refrigeration system) that replaces Freon R22 and R502 on newly installed refrigeration equipment. R404 is relatively close to the operation of R-502, and it is suitable for the environment where R-502 can operate normally.

R404 has been recognized and used by most refrigeration equipment manufacturers worldwide. However, since R404A is different from R502 and R22 in physical and chemical properties, theoretical cycle performance, and compressor oil.

It is still necessary to add or replace refrigerants for after-sales maintenance of refrigeration equipment initially installed with R502 and R22 refrigerants. Only R502 and R22 can be added. Usually, R404A cannot be directly used to replace R502 and R22 (blood replacement is usually impossible).

Packaging Details

Disposable cylinder10.9KG
Refillable cylinder400L/800L/926L/1000L

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