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“R22, a colorless gas at room temperature, is a colorless, non – toxic, non-flammable, and transparent liquid under the pressure created by itself. It has excellent thermal and chemical stabilities and no corrosivity to metals.”
Its applications include commercial refrigeration, industrial refrigeration, the raw material for PTFE production, intermediate for Halon 1211 production, etc.

It is about 15-20 days for regular delivery, and Starget is a group company which has two factories near the main exporting ports: Ningbo Port and Shanghai Port, and three subsidiary offices north and south wide, so the convenient sea transportation can guarantee the timeliness of shipment;

MOQ is 300 pieces!

OEM - Starget


1. The price is the latest & adjustable: Our goal is to provide high-quality products at a reasonable price;

2. Excellent service: Starget has a professional team, and we provide 24 hours service to our customer with considerate pre-sales and in-sale;

3. High-quality products: Starget always pursues to provide high-quality products to our customers. We can offer customers COA and MSDS of the gas, customers can also do the SGS, and the third party tested is welcomed as well;

4. OEM is accepted: Starget provides customized services according to customer needs.

R22 Properties

Molecular formulaCHClF
Molecular weight86.47
Boiling point 101.3KPa(℃)-40.8
Freezing point 101.3KPa (℃)-160
Density 30℃(kg/m3)1174.2
Critical temperature (℃)96.2
Critical pressure (MPa)4.99

Packaging Details

Can –
Disposable cylinder 13.6KG/22.7KG
Refillable cylinder 
Tank 20T

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