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Refrigerant Quality How to detect refrigerant quality, and what is the effect? Refrigerant quality will affect the performance and stability of the system and poor-quality refrigerant will cause damage to system components and compressors. It is necessary to detect refrigerant Quality There are several ways to identify whether it is a poor-quality refrigerant: 1) Connect […]

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R410A neutral packing refrigerants at the Starget factory - Starget Refrigerant

Why are these refrigerants added as the liquid status? Refrigeration systems use refrigerants as working fluids, and refrigerants generally have two forms: liquid and gas. Today we will talk about the relevant knowledge about liquid refrigerants. Refrigerants can be divided into 3 categories: single refrigerants, non-azeotropic mixed refrigerants, and azeotropic mixed refrigerants. Are these refrigerants

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8 Refrigerant Charge Methods You Should Know Refrigerant charge is a very important issue. Insufficient or excessive charging can damage the compressor and affect the entire refrigeration system. Therefore, we have summarized 8 kinds of refrigerant charge methods for your reference. 1. Weighing refrigerant charge The most accurate charging method is to weigh the refrigerant added to

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