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Why the refrigerant in air conditioner is so important Why refrigerant in air conditioner is so important? With the continuous development of science and technology, air conditioners have become one of the essential electrical appliances in our family life. It can create a comfortable indoor environment to enjoy a cool feeling in the hot summer. …

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R32 refrigerant - Starget

Use and Precautions of R32 Refrigerant R32 refrigerant is a new type of refrigerant. It is a flammable and explosive refrigerant with unstable chemical properties, but the harm to the environment is still very small, so we discuss some precautions for R32. 1. R32 Refrigerant Basic Properties The chemical name of R32 refrigerant is difluoromethane, and …

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R404A Refrigerant - Starget

3 points about R404A Refrigerant, you know? Due to the continuous use of environmentally friendly refrigerants and the continuous updating of various refrigerants, R404a refrigerants are widely used among environmentally friendly refrigerants. R404a refrigerant is a colourless gas at normal temperature and a colourless transparent liquid under pressure. This refrigerant is suitable for all operating …

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Refrigerant Quality

Refrigerant Quality How to detect refrigerant quality, and what is the effect? Refrigerant quality will affect the performance and stability of the system and poor-quality refrigerant will cause damage to system components and compressors. It is necessary to detect refrigerant Quality There are several ways to identify whether it is a poor-quality refrigerant: 1) Connect …

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R410A neutral packing refrigerants at the Starget factory - Starget Refrigerant

Why are these refrigerants added as the liquid status? Refrigeration systems use refrigerants as working fluids, and refrigerants generally have two forms: liquid and gas. Today we will talk about the relevant knowledge about liquid refrigerants. Refrigerants can be divided into 3 categories: single refrigerants, non-azeotropic mixed refrigerants, and azeotropic mixed refrigerants. Are these refrigerants …

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8 Refrigerant Charge Methods You Should Know Refrigerant charge is a very important issue. Insufficient or excessive charging can damage the compressor and affect the entire refrigeration system. Therefore, we have summarized 8 kinds of refrigerant charge methods for your reference. 1. Weighing refrigerant charge The most accurate charging method is to weigh the refrigerant added to …

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