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Three Steps To Check When The Car Air Conditioner Does Not Cool

Summer has arrived, and the car air conditioner has become indispensable when driving. However, many drivers and friends will find that the air conditioner is not so cool during the driving process, which affects the ride experience.

Why is the car air conditioner suddenly not cooling? 

Some owners can’t solve the problem with the addition of refrigerant. When meeting this situation, please first check these steps below:

1.  Check the air conditioning filter

When the car air conditioner refrigeration effect is poor, and the cold air blowing out is less, please check the air conditioning filter first.

Most models’ air-conditioning filter elements are arranged in the co-pilot armrest box. The four air-conditioner cartridges need to be removed to remove the air-conditioning filter element, and the lower part of the front windshield is placed in the engine compartment near the co-pilot side. If the air conditioning filter is severely blocked, it must be replaced. If too much dust is on the surface, you can use compressed air to blow off the dust.

2. Clean the surface of the condenser

If the car air conditioner is poorly cooled because the condenser surface is dirty, the condenser needs to be cleaned. The plot of the condenser generally uses a high-pressure water gun, that is, a high-pressure water gun, for washing the car. Since the heat-dissipating material of the condenser is soft in the material of aluminum material, so special care should be taken when cleaning the surface of the condenser:

First, please pay attention to the pressure of the water gun not to be too large, and the water column should not be too thin;
The second is to pay attention to the spray angle. The angle of the condenser fin should be observed first so that the spray angle is consistent with the tilt angle of the fin. Remember the above two points; otherwise, the radiator will be damaged, and the consequences will not be worth the candle.
Third, check the refrigerant leakage and the operation of components such as compressors.

3. Inspect refrigerant leakage 

First, observe the pipe joints of car air conditioner, especially the refrigerant leakage between the rubber pipe and the metal pipe (which can be checked by the foam method), and check whether the rubber pipe is aging or cracked. 

It is also prone to refrigerant leakage. Of course, the most accurate method is to use the fluorescence method to charge the phosphor into the piping of the refrigeration system. Press the A/C switch to start the refrigeration cycle and observe with the UV lamp. If there is a leak, the phosphor will be lit under ultraviolet, and lights are under action. It is found that the refrigerant leakage must be rectified and refilled with refrigerant. Otherwise, it is a waste of money.

Besides, just use the observation method to inspect the compressor and the cooling fan; the A/C switch can be turned on to observe whether the compressor is sucking. Also, when the vehicle water temperature reaches 90 °C or higher, whether the cooling fan is sucked or not, all these checks are relatively simple.

Driving in the summer, car air conditioner system work is very important, so when the air conditioning of your car is not cooling or in poor cooling effect, please do not panic and just follow the above steps to check, then find faults in time to eliminate, and ensure air conditioning refrigeration system normally work to bring you a cool breeze in the summer driving.

Of course, if the above methods still fail to solve the problem of the car air conditioner, please drive the car to a professional repair shop in time for an overhaul.

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