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About R417A Refrigerant You Should Know R417A refrigerant is a mixture of R134a refrigerant, R125 refrigerant, and R600 refrigerant. It is a colorless gas at standard temperature and a colorless, transparent liquid under pressure. R417A Refrigerant Applications 1. R417A refrigerant is used for fluorine-free replacement of existing R22 refrigeration and air-conditioning equipment:A new environmentally friendly […]

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Coolib R600a refrigerant

Learn About R600a Refrigerant From 6 Aspects R600a refrigerant, also known as R600a, with the English name “isobutane,” has the chemical formula C4H10. R600a refrigerant is a high-performance, new-type hydrocarbon refrigerant derived from natural ingredients. R600a does not harm the ozone layer and has no greenhouse effect, making it an environmentally friendly option. It is characterized

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Refrigerant Purity and Testing Refrigerant purity refers to the degree to which the refrigerant does not contain any impurities or contaminants. Refrigerant is the blood of refrigeration equipment. The purity of refrigerant is particularly important for refrigeration equipment. Most obviously, when refrigerant with high purity is injected, the cooling effect is obvious; the temperature drops

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6 Refrigerant for AC Refrigerant for AC or air conditioning refrigerant is the working medium of an air conditioner. Air conditioning is a device that uses artificial means to regulate and control the temperature, humidity, airflow, and other parameters of the indoor air environment in buildings or structures. Therefore, refrigerants are crucial for air conditioning. Initially,

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Starget Refrigerant specializes in refrigeration for 33 years Starget Refrigerant Group, founded in 1990, has been specializing in refrigeration for 33 years. Starget, as one of the top refrigerant suppliers, has its own refrigerant factories in Zhengjiang and Hebei, China, and its products include R22, R134a, R404A, R407C, R410A, R507, R406A, R141b, R142b, R32, R23,

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Sale for R134a Refrigerant 30lb R134a refrigerant 30lb, also known as R134a 13.6kg, is generally divided into refillable and disposable steel cylinders. According to the brand, it can be divided into the buyer’s own brand and neutral packaging. R134a is mainly used as a refrigerant in small refrigerators and car air conditioners. Since the 1990s,

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6 Common R22 Refrigerant Replacements R22 refrigerant, also known as chlorodifluoromethane, dichlorodifluoromethane, Freon-22, and abbreviated as HCFC-22, with the chemical formula CHClF2, is a hydrogen-containing fluorochlorocarbon. It is a colorless gas with a slightly sweet odor. R22 refrigerant is primarily used as a raw material for producing tetrafluoroethylene, as well as a refrigerant, propellant, and

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Starget Refrigerant at 2023 Shanghai Refrigeration Exhibition - Starget

Why the refrigerant in air conditioner is so important Why refrigerant in air conditioner is so important? With the continuous development of science and technology, air conditioners have become one of the essential electrical appliances in our family life. It can create a comfortable indoor environment to enjoy a cool feeling in the hot summer.

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9 Basic Things to Learn About Refrigerant Container A refrigerant container, also a conventional container, is a common grouping tool and mode of transportation for refrigerant shipping. Refrigerant packaging is generally divided into refrigerant steel cylinders, small refrigerant tanks, refrigerant ton bottles, and refrigerant tanks. Refrigerant transportation is packed into containers in refrigerant steel cylinders

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Refrigerant Packaging for Refrigerant Sale Refrigerants are sold in various refrigerant packaging and transported by sea to all parts of the world as containers. In this article, we introduce the basic knowledge of refrigerant packaging 1. Refrigerant cylinders, also called refrigerant tanks in some areas, generally include disposable cylinder and refillable cylinder. 1) Disposable cylinders generally

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