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R32 Refrigerant Sales Precautions - Starget

R32 Refrigerant Sales Precautions R32 refrigerant sales are categorized into domestic sales and foreign sales (exports) based on the region. Quantitatively, it can be divided into refrigerant retail and refrigerant wholesale. R32 refrigerant, also known as difluoromethane, is an organic compound with the chemical formula CH2F2. It is a colorless gas commonly used as a […]

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To learn R290 refrigerant related information

To learn R290 refrigerant related information R290 refrigerant is a new type of environmentally friendly refrigerant, mainly used in central air conditioners, heat pump air conditioners, household air conditioners, and other small refrigeration equipment. R290 refrigerant (propane), also known as propane, has excellent thermal properties and is low-priced. Moreover, R290 refrigerant is compatible with ordinary

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These things about R507 Refrigerant - Starget

These Things About R507 Refrigerant, Do You Know? R507 refrigerant is a long-term substitute for R-502 refrigerant (HFC-type substances), with an ODP value of zero and does not contain any substances that damage the ozone layer. Since the cooling capacity and efficiency of R507 refrigerant are very close to that of R502, and it has excellent heat

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Refrigerant Leak Detection And Causes - Starget

Refrigerant Leak Detection And Causes A Refrigerant leak is a common fault in air conditioning. Refrigerant leakage can easily cause environmental pollution and increase vehicle owners’ costs and time to maintain their vehicles. Here are seven easy ways to detect refrigerant leaks, along with their pros and cons 1. Visual leak detection Visual refrigerant leak

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Refrigerant packing requirements - Starget

6 Things to Learn Refrigerant Packing Requirement Refrigerant packaging is an essential part of refrigerant transportation. This article introduces the refrigerant packing requirements from three aspects. Refrigerant transportation is generally preferred by sea, so the refrigerant packing must comply with the inspection requirements of the container. External inspection for refrigerant container 1) The main frame

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R407C Refrigerant - Starget

Things About R407C Refrigerant R407C Refrigerant is a refrigerant composed of R32, R125, and R134a refrigerants mixed in specific proportions. It is an environmentally friendly refrigerant that does not harm the ozone layer. Introduction R407C refrigerant is a long-term alternative to R22 due to its similar characteristics and performance. It is used in various air conditioning systems

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R134a refrigerant for car - Starget

3 Pionts about refrigerant for car The refrigerant for car is the medium for the operation of car air conditioning, and the importance of air conditioning in cars is self-evident. Necessity of Car Air Conditioning Car air conditioning has functions such as ventilation, heating, cooling, and air purification. It maintains normal ventilation in the vehicle,

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Coolib R417A Refrigerant - Starget

About R417A Refrigerant You Should Know R417A refrigerant is a mixture of R134a refrigerant, R125 refrigerant, and R600 refrigerant. It is a colorless gas at standard temperature and a colorless, transparent liquid under pressure. R417A Refrigerant Applications 1. R417A refrigerant is used for fluorine-free replacement of existing R22 refrigeration and air-conditioning equipment:A new environmentally friendly

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Coolib R600a refrigerant

Learn About R600a Refrigerant From 6 Aspects R600a refrigerant, also known as R600a, with the English name “isobutane,” has the chemical formula C4H10. R600a refrigerant is a high-performance, new-type hydrocarbon refrigerant derived from natural ingredients. R600a does not harm the ozone layer and has no greenhouse effect, making it an environmentally friendly option. It is characterized

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Refrigerant purity and testing - Starget

Refrigerant Purity and Testing Refrigerant purity refers to the degree to which the refrigerant does not contain any impurities or contaminants. Refrigerant is the blood of refrigeration equipment. The purity of refrigerant is particularly important for refrigeration equipment. Most obviously, when refrigerant with high purity is injected, the cooling effect is obvious; the temperature drops

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