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9 Basic Things to Learn About Refrigerant Container

A refrigerant container, also a conventional container, is a common grouping tool and mode of transportation for refrigerant shipping. Refrigerant packaging is generally divided into refrigerant steel cylinders, small refrigerant tanks, refrigerant ton bottles, and refrigerant tanks. Refrigerant transportation is packed into containers in refrigerant steel cylinders or small refrigerant tanks, and then international shipping is carried out by the corresponding freight forwarding company.

Here are some basics about refrigerant container

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  1. Refrigerant container owner code: in the upper right corner or upper left corner, it indicates that the container belongs to that owner. For example, HMM in the above picture indicates that the container belongs to HMM. Equipment identification code: The equipment identification code is divided into three types U/J/Z, and the container is usually U. “J” indicates the 2. hanging equipment configured in the container, and “Z” indicates the container special vehicle and chassis vehicle.
  1. Box number: Generally, it comprises 6 Arabic numerals. If there are fewer than six digits, add 0 before the effective box number, and fill up until six digits. The box number in the above picture is 211429.
  2. Check code: The check number is the basis for verifying the accuracy of the box owner code and sequence number records and is obtained through computer processing. It is located after the sequence number and is represented by an Arabic numeral plus a box. The purpose of setting the checking number is to prevent errors in recording the box number. Refrigerant containers in operation are frequently switched between various modes of transportation, constantly moving from one country to another, entering and exiting yards and terminals. If there is no handover, it is necessary to enter the box number. This verification code is to prevent errors when entering the box number.
  3. Size code and box type code: 22G1 refers to a 20-foot open-top box.
  4. The maximum total working weight: the container door will mark the container’s weight + the maximum total working weight of the cargo, for example, 30480KGS in the above picture and 67200LBS in pounds.
  5. Empty box mass Tare: 2120KGS/4630LBS; if it is a refrigerator, this label will also include the weight of refrigerant and other equipment; if it is an open-top cabinet, it will include the weight of rain cloth.
  6. Maximum weight of cargo: 2836KGS/6253LBS.
  7. The maximum cargo volume: are 32.6 cubic meters and 1170 cubic feet.
Refrigerant containers are generally divided into 20-foot containers, 40-foot refrigerant containers, and 40-foot high cabinet refrigerant containers.
A 20-foot refrigerant container can generally hold 1150 refrigerant cylinders.
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The 40-foot refrigerant container can generally hold refrigerant, and the weight limit determines the load.

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