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Refrigerant supplier Starget founded in 1990, is one of the global refrigerant gas suppliers to the refrigeration and air conditioning markets and a significant supplier of blowing agents to the insulation foam market, which has specialized in providing refrigerant for 34 years.

Starget Refrigerant products include R22, R134a, HFA134a, R404A, R410A, R407C, MAPP Gas, MAP Pro, Gas Torch, etc., and customers are all over 70 countries worldwide!

As the refrigerant supplier, Starget also has its refrigerant manufacturer: Zhejiang ACLA Refrigeration Technology Limited, which equips with a large warehouse of 9,000 square meters, 55 large-scale storage tanks of 100-150 tons (the storage capacity reaches more than 6000 tons), and 60 portable storage tanks of 24m³.

Starget insists on customer benefits as the fundamental, adheres to integrity management and quality first, and is committed to being one of the best refrigerant suppliers in the world!

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Why Choose Starget?

High Quality

STARGET equips with a professional quality inspection center. Each batch of refrigerants we produce are high quality, complying with AHRI-700 STANDARD. STARGET concerns the production in detail, allowing customers to purchase with confidence.

24/7 Customer Service

STARGET has a professional and experienced work team. From pre-sale consultation, making an order, and to after-sales tracking, we offer excellent, comprehensive customer service at every step of the way. Shop with confidence with STARGET Refrigerant!

Fast Delivery

Once the customer made the order, STARGET will execute it immediately. Partnering with internationally trusted logistic service providers, we ship to over 100 countries around the world. STARGET ensures that you get high-quality products safely and timely.

Coolib – Brand Guarantee

COOLIB has become a popular and well-known brand in the refrigeration industry. COOLIB represents a higher quality and better services domestically around the world. STARGET is committed to offering new cooling solutions through high quality product.


We are very satisfied with Starget's some products, which meet the EU's reach certification standards, and Starget is a partner worthy of our attention.
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Belgian Customer
Purchasing Manager
With high-quality products,
a professional customer service team, and an effective transportation guarantee, Starget is a trusted partner.
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Saudi Arabia Customer
Purchasing Manager
Coolib is a well-known refrigerant brand, with high product quality, a professional team, and its coverage all over the world, worthy of everyone’s trust.
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Brazilian Customer
Purchasing Manager

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